Here’s a look at some of the additional work done in AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #2, DC/National Periodical Publications’ 1970s-era in-house fan publication. As a time capsule giving insight into what the publishing house was like at this time, it’s a treasure trove of insight.

An unused cover for HOUSE OF MYSTERY done by Bernie Wrightson. AWODCC was a place where unusable inventory could be burned off.

A nice biographical article on artist Kurt Schaffenberger, who was working regularly on the Superman titles as well as the SHAZAM revival.

The second installment of Paul Levitz’s ongoing feature spotlighting how a comic magazine is put together.

And an unpublished golden age Wonder Woman story was also printed here.

And the story of DC’s attempts to open up a new way of distributing comic books, by selling them direct in a roaming van like an Ice Cream Man.

One thought on “THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #2, Part Two

  1. I don’t know where, but I remember reading that WW story somewhere. The story seemed familiar to me but Steve Trevor’s “black eyes” were what clinched if it for me.


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