Comics Creators in the Wild 2

Well it just goes to show: you never know what is going to resonate with an audience. Last week’s kickoff installment of Comics Creators in the Wild received more notices and attention than I ever would have thought it would. So that being the case, I figured I ought to follow up on it sooner rather than later. And so here is another collection of photographs from the past featuring your favorite creators in days gone by.

There’s no getting around it, we’re going to have a lot of pictures of Stan Lee. This one was taken outside of the Marvel Animation building in the early 1980s.
Here, the editorial staff of All-American Comics poses for a publicity photo in 1942 with the Wonder Woman creative team of William Moulton Marston, seated, and Harry G. Peter. That’s publisher Max Gaines on the far right, and editor/cartoonist Shelly Mayer standing next to him.
Stan Lee poses alongside the web-slinger circa 1972

Max’s son Bill Gaines took over the publishing business after Max passed away, and inaugurated the memorable EC line of titles. He’s seen on the left here at an EC Christmas party–that’s Al Feldstein on the right. Circa 1953.

Marvel writer and executive editor Mark Gruenwald at a convention in the late 1980s.

Herb Trimpe had at work in the Marvel offices circa 1969
Stan Lee’s first toupee, circa 1966
Jack Kirby at home, circa 1980
Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont at a comic shop signing in the very late 1970s/very early 1980s
Marvel Sales VP Matt Ragone and Writer/EIC Tom DeFalco at a convention in the early 1990s
John Romita in his Marvel office, circa 1979
Jim Steranko watches Jack Kirby give a chalk talk, 1972
Fabulous Flo Steinberg, early 1970s
Stan Lee and Jim Shooter, circa 1980
Unused Stan Lee photograph intended for the centerfold in the MARVEL FUMETTI BOOK, 1983
And the photo they worked from instead.
Jack Kirby, late 1980s
Steve Ditko in his studio, early 1960s
Stan Lee in the Atlas offices, 1954
Writer Jerry Siegel looks on as cartoonist Joe Shuster sketches Superman for artists in The Enquirer art room in 1942. Enquirer archives JANUARY 31, 1942

There’ll be more to come in the weeks ahead.

One thought on “Comics Creators in the Wild 2

  1. Photo #3 of Stan and Spider-Man appeared in the April 1973 issue of Creem, in an article about Marvel written by Mike Baron.


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