If there was a super hero title during the Silver Age of Comics that organized comic book fandom just didn't care for, then WONDER WOMAN was that series. Year after year, it would be voted the title most in need of improvement, its silly and often hallucinatory stories not really appealing to the slightly-older fan … Continue reading WC: WONDER WOMAN #107

Comics Creators in the Wild 2

Well it just goes to show: you never know what is going to resonate with an audience. Last week's kickoff installment of Comics Creators in the Wild received more notices and attention than I ever would have thought it would. So that being the case, I figured I ought to follow up on it sooner … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 2


I have no great memories of FOUR STAR SPECTACULAR #4. It was a perfectly fine comic book, one of hundreds that I’d purchase in the years to come, but not especially noteworthy to me apart from the minutes of entertainment that it provided. This may have been because, while I liked them all just fine, Superboy, … Continue reading BHOC: FOUR STAR SPECTACULAR #4


By this point, I was a big fan of the FAMOUS 1ST EDITION series of DC Treasuries, which is likely why I bought this facsimile edition of WONDER WOMAN #1 despite the potential for mockery from my peers for reading a “girl’s comic.” Either way, I genuinely like the early Wonder Woman stories, in a way … Continue reading BHOC: FAMOUS 1st EDITIONS #F-6


My Dad brought this comic home with him after a late night out, so it was discovered by me and my brother early the next morning. My Mom later said that they chuckled as they heard me tell my brother, “Let’s look around, maybe there’s one for each of us!” The third of DC’s Famous 1st … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-30