Forgotten Masterpiece: Scribbly Returns!

Sheldon Mayer is one of the most important figures in the Golden Age of Comics, though he's one that relatively few people have heard about. An obsessive cartoonist, Mayer broke into the business at a young age, in the era in which comic books were just starting out. For a time, he worked at the … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: Scribbly Returns!

The First Book Length Comic Book Story

Not all that long ago, we looked at the first Book-Length story to appear in SUPERMAN, a link to which is posted below. But working on it got me thinking: what was the first Book Length story to appear in comic books at all? The answer is a little bit complicated, and depends on … Continue reading The First Book Length Comic Book Story

More of the Sales Figures of DC’s Irwin Donenfeld

After the piece we ran a couple of weeks back on former DC publisher Irwin Donenfeld's big book where he would chart the sales figures of the various DC titles on an issue-by-issue basis in an attempt to ascertain what elements might make a given issue of a comic book sell better, a bunch of … Continue reading More of the Sales Figures of DC’s Irwin Donenfeld

Comics Creators in the Wild 2

Well it just goes to show: you never know what is going to resonate with an audience. Last week's kickoff installment of Comics Creators in the Wild received more notices and attention than I ever would have thought it would. So that being the case, I figured I ought to follow up on it sooner … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 2


Now, this is a comic book that I loved–so much so that my home had two copies of this Treasury Edition (one was bought for my brother at some point after I had gotten mine.) ALL-STAR COMICS #3, the first meeting of the Justice Society of America. I love this book so much that I … Continue reading BHOC: FAMOUS 1st EDITION #F-7