TBTV: The Philosophy of Editing Comics, Part Four

The fourth part of my ongoing series on the science and alchemy of editing mainstream comic books.

2 thoughts on “TBTV: The Philosophy of Editing Comics, Part Four

  1. Again, thanks so much for doing this series on editing. I think it not only is a helpful tool for other editors out there, but also for writers in terms of understanding the editor’s job as well as their own. This is an extremely useful series of videos.

    Awesome that you mentioned Jack of Hearts, one of my favorite all time characters. Not only does he have an amazing design, but so much potential. I have to admit, I have a pretty fun Jack of Hearts take that someday will see the light of day. Hopefully, someday…


    1. What do you like about Jack of Hearts?

      I mean that in the most genuine, positive manner — I always love to hear what aspects resonate with people, ESPECIALLY when they’re C- and D-list characters (some of my favorites are C- and D-listers).


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