WAP #1 – Words And Pictures

In 1988, creators Steve Gerber, Frank Miller and Steven Grant created the newsletter WAP - Words And Pictures. Supported by like-minded creators in the field, WAP was sort of the Bleeding Cool of its day, giving sensationalized accounts of grievances or bad behavior within the filed, typically on the side of the various publishers. As … Continue reading WAP #1 – Words And Pictures


I was regularly haunting the section of the Sachem Public Library that contained books on or about comics, not just for that elusive copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS (which I never did find there) but also for anything else of interest. I took out and read a bunch of books from that section, many … Continue reading BHOC: ALL IN COLOR FOR A DIME


As I think I've spoken about in the past, I came from a family of readers. Both my father and my mother would read books regularly, and it was this love of reading that helped make it acceptable and unquestioned that I had an interest in comic books--they understood that reading was reading. And so … Continue reading BHOC: THE COMIC-BOOK BOOK