More, more, more of the 1985 AMAZING HEROES Preview Special for 1985, spotlighting and teasing the comic books that will be released in the coing year. These old Preview Specials are a treasure trove of insight as to what creators and editors were thinking about their work in real time.

SPECTRUM PRESENTS didn’t happen, and SPELLBINDER took a little bit longer to reach the stands than is indicated here.

TALES OF IT’S A POTATO was a joke entry–each Preview Special contained at least one such entry. This one was written by Mark Waid, who’d soon go on to become and editor and writer at DC.

Neither TALES OF THE T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS nor TALES OF THE WILDERNESS SEAS ever made it to print so far as I am aware.

The THRILLER SUMMER SPECIAL was never completed, regretfully.

THE VEGENAUTS was another joke entry, also put together by Mark Waid.

Most of the WHAT IF Specials described here were never completed–only the Iron Man one ever made it to print.

3 thoughts on “AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, S-Z

  1. TALOS OF THE WILDERNESS SEA did come out, but only as a 48-page one-shot in 1987; either AMAZING HEROES got the title wrong or it changed in-between.

    The intent was there to continue the book if it got enough support, but clearly it didn’t.


    1. “Following the comic is a three-page segment entitled “With Talos Aforethought” in which Joey Cavalieri tells of Gil Kane’s development of the story originally intended as a complete, 12-issue limited series a portion of which was reworked for this special. It includes three additional drawings of Talos (in various stages of his life) which were used as part of Gil Kane’s pitch for the series. … According to the “With Talos Aforethought” segment, this story was “…structured after the Book of Exodus in the Bible, transposed to a future America after a nuclear holocaust.” ”

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  2. A page and a half on a Star Wars comic that was going to be canceled in a little more than a year, that’s impressive.

    The Superman/Thriller issue of DC Comics Presents (as mentioned in the Thriller article) never materialized either.

    Void Indigo from Marvel/Epic was canceled after 2 issues. Wikipedia says it was due to negative reaction. Gerber released a synopsis for what was supposed to have been in issues 3-6 at

    The 4-issue Zatanna miniseries never came out as such, There was a Zatanna Special that came out in 1987 by Conway and Morrow, so I assume that the 4 issues were cut down to 64 pages for this one-shot.

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