Continuing our look back at the AMAZING HEROES PREVIEW SPECIAL for 1985.

I don’t believe that GALAXY COMICS ever saw the light of day, but I may be wrong about that.

Along the same lines, I’m not sure that HANG ON FOR ADVENTURE was ever released.

WEST COAST AVENGERS lost the HAWKEYE AND THE by the time it came out. And like the previous two books spoken about by Galaxy Comics, I don’t recall that HEARTTHROBS: EVERY WOMAN’S FANTASY OF LOVE ever made it to the stands.

HERO was eventually released, but not for a number of years and with some changes to the creative team along the way, I believe.

Neither KAYO DAKERTY nor KNIGHT GUARDIAN were ever published.

This LOIS LANE project was eventually released as two oversized issues rather than four regular-sized ones.

After a single issue. MACROSS was rebranded as ROBOTECH: THE MACROSS SAGA, so as to more closely tie in with the animated show then in syndication. And I believe MALLIMALOU was a no-show on the comic book racks.

2 thoughts on “AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, F-M

  1. I think some of the Galaxy Comics stuff may have turned up in TALES FROM THE EDGE from Vanguard a few years later, but don’t quote me on that!


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