MARVELMANIA Magazine #1, Part Two

Continuing our look at the first regular issue of MARVELMANIA Magazine, the fan publication put out by the short-lived fan club and merchandising operation of the same name back in 1970.

This is a page from the story “Melvin and the Monster” penciled and inked by Tom Palmer and originally intended for publication in SILVER SURFER #8. When that magazine was reduced from a giant to regular size, the story was shelved, eventually seeing print in MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #23. But four pages had to be cut out of it in order to make it fit in the available space. This was one of those pages.

Future Marvel writer and editor Tony Isabella contributes the second part of an article concerning the early issue of AVENGERS. The first portion of this article appeared in the pilot #0 issue, which is why we begin with Part Two here.

This news section is likely one of the earliest places where Marvel fans learned that the company was going to be launching CONAN THE BARBARIAN as a series under Roy Thomas and Barry Smith.

4 thoughts on “MARVELMANIA Magazine #1, Part Two

    1. The move towards splitting up the X-Men into smaller two-person teams hadn’t increased sales, they’d hurt them, so the decision was made to get the group back together on the double. so the in-the-works Metoxo story was discarded.


      1. Some drastic course correction! What became of the Metoxo story? You’d think it would have been printed sooner or later if it still exists.


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