Continuing our look at the yearly AMAZING HEROES preview Special, this one for 1985.

CAPTAIN CARROT: THE OZ-WONDERLAND WAR did eventually see print, but as three double-sized issues rather than six regular-sized one.

CHALLENGER never quite happened, and neither did BLOCKBUSTER, which is listed here as ‘Charlton Project.”

COMICO BIJOU was a no-show at comic shops.

Some early information concerning CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, which was still being formulated, even after a couple of years’ worth of prep time.

The two DAREDEVIL Special projects showcased here eventually saw print, but not before some time had passed and some adjustments in direction had been incorporated.

DERANGERS never happened, and a disgruntled Bill Mantlo introduce the characters in ALPHA FLIGHT only to kill them off so that Marvel couldn’t use them moving forward–which is a strange misunderstanding as to how things work.

CAMEO, the John Byrne western mentioned at the end of the FANTASTIC FOUR write-up never came to fruition.

It took a few more years for FRED HEMBECK DESTROYS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE to be published, including it being rewritten substantially mid-production. Meanwhile, Cary Bates is coy about future plans for FLASH because he’s aware that there are no future plans, that the character is slated to meet his fate in the aforementioned CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

3 thoughts on “AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, C-F

  1. “CAMEO, the John Byrne western mentioned at the end of the FANTASTIC FOUR write-up never came to fruition.”

    Neither did the ending to his Last Galactus Story, also mentioned in that article.


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