PIZZAZZ #1, Part 2

Continuing our survey of the first issue of PIZZAZZ Magazine, published regionally by Marvel in 1977 before eventually earning full national distribution. PIZZAZZ was intended as an answer to such kids’ magazines as DYNAMITE and was undertaken as a first step towards getting the company out of teh dying comic book business and moving into more lucrative children’s publishing. But things didn’t work out that way.

These original STAR WARS strips (by the title’s regular creative team of Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin) are probably the best-recalled part of PIZZAZZ.

Of course, Marvel wasn’t above advertising to a captive audience, either.

4 thoughts on “PIZZAZZ #1, Part 2

  1. Star Wars? Not Twenty-something me! I was rocking to Roy Thomas’ Tarzan, which I feared I’d never see again. Soooo grateful for the current runs of ERB stories by him.


  2. Liked the Bobby London spot drawings and the “Amy Carter” strip, but my fave is the “Jules Feiffer’s Dennis the Menace” parody. Eerily prophetic, considering what he would do to Popeye in a few years.


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