This issue of THOR was another book that I got coverless in one of those plastic-wrapped bundles of supposedly-destroyed comics that my drugstore was selling. That's a Jack Kirby cover on this issue, but one that's a little bit difficult to recognize as the King's work given all of the changes and corrections that were … Continue reading BHOC: THOR #258

PIZZAZZ #1, Part 2

Continuing our survey of the first issue of PIZZAZZ Magazine, published regionally by Marvel in 1977 before eventually earning full national distribution. PIZZAZZ was intended as an answer to such kids' magazines as DYNAMITE and was undertaken as a first step towards getting the company out of teh dying comic book business and moving into … Continue reading PIZZAZZ #1, Part 2


This issue of THOR was another book that came to me inside a plastic 3-Bag along with two other comics, likely ones we've already covered. I had started to follow THOR by this point, although I was still a bit ambivalent about it. As I've said before, it still felt too much like a barbarian … Continue reading BHOC: THOR #264

Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121

This is a really pretty romance cover by Tony DeZuniga, one that draws upon larger influence in pop culture and the sorts of op art approaches that had garnered attention. It seems very sophisticated, way more so than the standard romance comic material that fills the insides of the book. But covers such as this … Continue reading Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121


This is another comic book that found its way into my household twice. The first time, I bought it during one of our periodic visits to by Grandparents' house in Valley Stream. The other, I believe I got in a 3-Bag where there were other books that I wanted/needed. That would be the bane of … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TEAM-UP #70