Marvel Story Book Annual 1967 – The Origin of Spider-Man and The Fire Raisers

People seemed to like (or were horrified and transfixed by) the selection I ran last week from the British MARVEL STORY BOOK ANNUAL for 1967. So what the hay, let’s do another one. Above is a reproduction of the end papers from the hardcover volume, on which one of the volume’s three illustrators swipes the hell out of an assortment of Marvel art originally done by Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Steve Ditko and others. In particular, it’s clear from what sees print in this volume that all the creators had to work from when it comes to Dr. Strange is his very first story–so this is why he looks so formative here.

One of the wonderful things about this old book is that it was cast in the mold of the typical UK Annuals, which were released during the Christmas season and made good gifts for children. Accordingly, in addition to the prose stories, there is an assortment of games and jokes and puzzles scattered throughout, the better to hold the attention of young readers. None of the games are especially complex, but there is something I like about their graphic simplicity.

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