Vol. 2 #5
October, 1944

Billed as “The Boy With The Most Comic Books in America”, Supersnipe was actually young Walter Mitty-ish Koppy McFad. Not content merely to follow his favorite comics–a tag line tells us Koppy “reads ‘em, eats ’em and sleeps ’em”–Koppy indulges in an ongoing fantasy life in which he’s the daring and powerful Supersnipe, righter of wrongs. He carries a costume made out of an old pair of long johns around in a violin case as he bicycles around his neighborhood, ever ready to make his transformation and spring into action.

Supersnipe wasn’t so much a parody of the super hero genre as it was a kid’s slice-of-life strip masquerading as a costumed crime fighter book. Koppy and his pals would end up getting involved with local lowlifes, rumbling with the next block’s street gang, or making mischief around their town in their pursuit of excitement. There weren’t any elements of the fantastic involved in the stories, outside of Supersnipe’s imagination. But it’s a terribly inviting strip, well-written and entertaining. 

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