Introducing “Comics” McCormick

The closest contender to Supersnipe for self-reflective comic book series of the Golden Age of Comics was the "Comics" McCormick feature, which ran for about half-a-dozen issues of TERRIFIC COMICS ("Loaded with Action!") beginning in 1944. "Comics" McCormick was the brainchild of Ed Wheelan, a former newspaper strip artist who had originated the Minute Movies … Continue reading Introducing “Comics” McCormick

Introducing Supersnipe

Among the mostly-forgotten series of the Golden Age of Comics, there are a few which self-reflexively turned their gaze on the comic book industry itself, and what effect it might be having on its youthful readers. Perhaps the best-remembered of these was Supersnipe, a character who made his debut in Volume 2 #3 of Street … Continue reading Introducing Supersnipe


SUPERSNIPE COMICS  Vol. 2 #5 October, 1944 Billed as “The Boy With The Most Comic Books in America”, Supersnipe was actually young Walter Mitty-ish Koppy McFad. Not content merely to follow his favorite comics–a tag line tells us Koppy “reads ‘em, eats 'em and sleeps 'em”–Koppy indulges in an ongoing fantasy life in which he’s … Continue reading BHOCOS: SUPERSNIPE COMICS v2 #5