July, 1991

DEATHLOK was the first regular comic book series I got to edit–and I botched the hell out of it. 

Now, mind you, I had some help. The limited series that resurrected the character had been edited by Bob Budiansky, who would continue to be associated with the book as “supervising editor.” That limited series had been co-written by Dwayne McDuffie and Gregory Wright, but by the time the ongoing title had begun production, the two had decided that they couldn’t work effectively together. With Solomon-like wisdom, Bob decreed that they would both continue on the book, each one writing 4-part story arcs individually. This was, to put it lightly, an ill-advised move, particularly when you consider that Bob’s view of the character had drifted away from both Dwayne and Greg’s interpretations. (That cover copy is Bob’s as well, for the record.)

Beyond that, most of the major mistakes were mine. A more experienced editor might have been able to make it work, but I wasn’t that guy. It’s too bad, too, since I thought the first issue of the limited series was one of the strongest launches Marvel had done at that time, and I felt that the character had all sorts of untapped potential. This was also the single best-selling issue of any comic book I was associated with, moving over half-a-million copies. And yet, the series was dead less that three years later, with #34.

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