Another source of comics to me during this period were the 3-Bags sold in chain department stores, supermarkets and toy stores in this era. For those who don't remember, each clear plastic bag would contain three recent comic books--my studies indicate that they tended to be around nine months old when released--for a single price. … Continue reading BHOC: INVADERS #13


This issue of ACTION COMICS would have been another book that I got from my grade school buddy Donald Sims. It's not a bit of a weird cover on it--Superman is so over-muscled here that he practically looks inflated. And I don't know that the lime green background is helping matters any either. All of … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #464


I bought this comic on our regular weekly trip to the supermarket. During this time, they had started carrying a few comics, mostly DC's Dollar Comics and a few other higher-priced items. This Special had been promoted in ads over the course of the past month, so it had an air of being special about … Continue reading BHOC: DC SPECIAL SERIES #8