XERO #1: All In Color For A Dime

XERO was an important science fiction fanzine published by the husband and wife team of Dick and Pat Lupoff. It had a strong impact on the beginnings of comic book fandom as, starting with this first release, almost every issue ran an installment of a series titled All In Color For A Dime which talked about the assorted authors’ nostalgic fondness for the comic books and super heroes of their youth during the Golden Age of Comics. This was really the first in-depth writing done about old comic book stories, and it was really the thing that made XERO noteworthy to people–the particular feature that readers came to see. Eventually, years later, Dick along with Don Thompson were contracted to revise a number of these essays, which were then published in book form. ALL IN COLOR FOR A DIME was the first book on comic books, and it remains a seminal tome even today. There’s a bit more on this at the link below.

The All In Color For A Dime essays weren’t so much literary criticism as they were a loose and nostalgic response to the work. In many cases, specific information about who did what was still unknown, so some mistakes were made (some of those errors were able to be corrected in 1970 for the book edition, some never were.) Dick Lupoff’s inaugural edition focused on his love for the Fawcett-published Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. That year, he and Pat caused a stir by cosplaying as the Captain and Mary Marvel at the 1960 Worldcon science fiction convention.

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