XERO #1: All In Color For A Dime

XERO was an important science fiction fanzine published by the husband and wife team of Dick and Pat Lupoff. It had a strong impact on the beginnings of comic book fandom as, starting with this first release, almost every issue ran an installment of a series titled All In Color For A Dime which talked … Continue reading XERO #1: All In Color For A Dime

Forgotten Masterpiece: MASTER COMICS #41

It's one of the great mysteries of the Golden Age of Comics why, after the Justice Society of America proved to be so popular in the pages of ALL-STAR COMICS, other publishers didn't attempt to put together their own teams of costumed crime-fighters to compete with it. There was really only DC's own Seven Soldiers … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: MASTER COMICS #41


I was regularly haunting the section of the Sachem Public Library that contained books on or about comics, not just for that elusive copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS (which I never did find there) but also for anything else of interest. I took out and read a bunch of books from that section, many … Continue reading BHOC: ALL IN COLOR FOR A DIME