As in previous editions, this is a further look at more of the 1984 AMAZING HEROES issue devoted to previewing all of the comic books slated to come out that year.

THE GUARDIAN did see print, but in a markedly different form than what is described here. We covered it earlier:

Each edition of the AMAZING HEROES PREVIEW SPECIAL included one entry that was just made up for fun. In this first edition, that entry was IT’S A POTATO–which, frankly, sounds a lot more entertaining than a bunch of these other entries.

This is maybe the perfect summary for JONAH HEX.

JUSTICE MACHINE had a rough go of it and bounced around from publisher to publisher all throughout the decade. The version described here never saw print.

The conclusion to the aborted MS MARVEL series that is promised here for MARVEL FANFARE didn’t turn up until the 1990s in issues of MARVEL SUPER-HEROES.

This METAL MEN limited series never came out.

Reading between the lines of this MIGHTY CRUSADERS entry and the earlier one for THE FLY, the writing is already on teh wall for how this Red Circle launch is about to catastrophically fall apart.

We’ll look at more from this Special in the weeks ahead.

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