Secrets Behind the Comics 6

The wrap-up to our sequence on this self-published book Stan Lee put out in 1947 giving detailed information about the comic book business (albeit detailed information aimed at a relatively young readership.)

Al Jaffee just celebrated his 100th birthday last month, and was a regular and celebrated contributor to MAD Magazine for many decades, responsible for their iconic back-cover Fold-Ins.

No idea whether this anecdote is based on something that actually happened, but it’s specific enough that I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Grand Comics Database doesn’t contain any credits as to who the artists might have been on TESSIE THE TYPIST #1 or #5, but I can understand Lee not wanting to mention them by name here if they were no longer working for the firm.

On the other hand, Lee feels free to name Frank Carin here as he was still being employed by Timely.

And here’s that offer, where Stan Lee will personally critique your work for the princely sum of just one dollar. That was the address of Stan’s apartment that’s listed as the place to send your samples and your dollars.

Decades later, longtime fan Russ Maheras came across a copy of SECRETS BEHIND THE COMICS and sent copies of his work (and two dollars, to account for inflation) to Lee at Marvel. Even after so much time, Lee was as good as his word, and sent back the evaluation above.

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