5BC: Five More Mean Caricatures of Comic Book Creators

Comic books are a petty business, it must be said. And the same freedom to imagine and play that allows for the creativity in conceptualizing new stories about characters who, let's face it, were designed to appeal to children also somehow invites the darker side of itself--the version where grown-ups behave like petulant children on … Continue reading 5BC: Five More Mean Caricatures of Comic Book Creators

Brand Echh – Inferior Five #6

The Powers-That-Be at DC Comics in the 1960s could see that something was going on over at Stan Lee's new upstart Marvel imprint, but they were ill-equipped to figure out just what. This is largely due to the fact that the editorial and creative staff remained largely unchanged since the halcyon days of the 1940s. … Continue reading Brand Echh – Inferior Five #6

The Last Toro Story

And here we finish up our sequence on the final appearances of the mainstay Timely super-heroes with the final appearance of the Human Torch's kid buddy, Toro. As opposed to Bucky, who at least got shot honorably while fighting the good fight, Toro simply stopped showing up one day--his position as the Torch's right arm … Continue reading The Last Toro Story

Captain America Musters Out!

The postwar era provided challenges for many of the super-powered costumed crusaders who filled the pages of the nations comic books as, without a ready-made national enemy to fight, they were faced with a crisis of irrelevancy. And none encountered this existential ennui more directly than Captain America. Cap had been created to win the … Continue reading Captain America Musters Out!


This was another Treasury Edition that I loved. I can recall intending to duplicate Dick Giordano’s cover as an art entry in a Block party art contest that summer–it would also be used as the basis for a key frame in the opening credits to CHALLENGE OF THE SUPER-FRIENDS. More interesting to me, the back … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION #C-46


Once again, I had missed an issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, another one I had seen in the house ads but never ran across. But I was there for the subsequent issue, #116. Bought it at the 7-11, of course, and the fact that the series continued to be n the 100-Page Spectacular format … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #116


One of my favorite early comics, the second issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA that I owned was a 100-Page Spectacular, purchased for my by my father when we stopped in to the 7-11. The price on these Super-Specs had crept up from 50 cents to 60 cents, another clear indication that a price increase … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #112

Great Covers – WONDER WOMAN #178

The first great super hero makeover, this WONDER WOMAN cover by Mike Sekowsky makes its intentions plainly known, and introduces the new version of the heroine for the late 1960s. Everything about this piece screams modern and new, the type treatment, the swirling backgrounds, and the mod fashions Diana is sporting. The classic Wonder Woman … Continue reading Great Covers – WONDER WOMAN #178