Secrets Behind the Comics 5

More from the pages of this how-to pamphlet that Stan Lee self-published in 1947

Morris Weiss was a writer and artist for Timely in 1947, and here his working day is fictionalized by Stan. Apparently Morris and his wife Blanche would routinely talk about Stan Lee day to day.

This definition of a synopsis is pretty close to what Lee might provide to the artists he was working with during the early days of the Marvel Age, leaving it to them to come up with the actual story plot and the specific instances and a lot of the bits of business as they drew the story.

POWERHOUSE PEPPER by Basil Wolverton is still fondly remembered today, and gets reprinted by somebody every couple of years.

It was certainly nice of editor Stan Lee to pay for a trip for Ken Bald and his wife to France in order to make certain that a random issue of MILLIE THE MODEL was accurate. I assume that Bald and his bride were making that trip anyway, and this was just too good a yarn to not spin.

We’ll wrap up SECRETS BEHIND THE COMICS next time, with an offer from editor Stan Lee to his gullible readers!

One thought on “Secrets Behind the Comics 5

  1. The Morris Weiss story reads like “How Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Created Spider-Man” from one of the early annuals.


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