January, 1986

Forget WATCHMEN. Forget BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. The real DC publishing find of 1986 was ‘MAZING MAN. Written by “Answer Man’ Bob Rozakis and drawn in a marvelously- developing style by Stephen DeStefano, ‘MAZING MAN was a slice-of-life series about a bunch of New Yorkers, among them a good-natured little fellow who thought he was a super hero. It was charming and fun and poignant and wonderful.

Of course, most comic book readers just didn’t want it.

‘MAZING MAN had the support and love of many in the industry, however, and returned for three command performance specials after the book itself ended its run with issue #12. For a while, it was the series that would not die. Until, of course, it did

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