Summer, 1985

Somewhat ahead of its time, POWER PLAYS postulated a world in which random people start suddenly developing super-powers. Not really a traditional super hero book, the lead characters were all part of an encounter group designed to help them come to terms with their new abilities. The source of the power outbreaks was a running mystery throughout the few published issues. The strip also had a broad comedic bent that lent it a lively flavor. And its non-powered detective, Barker the Beagleman, was a real favorite–so much so that I drew him into the background on the splash page to the never- finished HERO HANGOUT strip.

For whatever reason, creator Mike Kelly wasn’t able to make a go of it, and POWER PLAYS lasted only two issues (though a third was later short-run released on a mail-order-only basis.) He tried to resurrect the series in the mid-90s, but this time only a single entry was forthcoming. But if you run across an issue in your travels, I heartily recommend it.

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