(Not So) Great Covers: THRILLING COMICS #57

There's no question that Alex Schomburg was one of the finest cover artists of the Golden Age of Comics. He cut his teeth at Timely, where he excelled in crafting spectacularly complex images of Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner battling just hordes of enemy soldiers or criminals or war machines or whatever. … Continue reading (Not So) Great Covers: THRILLING COMICS #57

Great Covers – EXCITING COMICS #35

This Alex Schomburg cover for EXCITING COMICS is as chock-a-block full of imagery as any of his Timely covers, and yet it’s almost the antithesis of them, in that here it’s the heroes who seem needlessly violent and brutal. Sure, those are enemy Japanese soldiers (caricatured hatefully though they are), but they’re not doing anything … Continue reading Great Covers – EXCITING COMICS #35