5BC: Five Best Comics of 1982

The first entry in Marvel's line of European-style albums, released under the sobriquet "Marvel Graphic Novels", THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL remains as effective and affecting today as it was when it was first published. A good deal of that is down to the subject matter, which sees the titular Mar-Vell dying not in battle … Continue reading 5BC: Five Best Comics of 1982


I bought this issue of ALL-STAR COMICS at my usual 7-11. It wasn’t a surprising purchase as I was in the tank for the Justice Society by this point, and so ALL-STAR was a favorite of mine. But boy, that collection of logos at the top of this cover isn’t doing the art any favors. … Continue reading BHOC: ALL-STAR COMICS #63


A new issue of ALL-STAR COMICS greeted me at the 7-11, a welcome occurrence as I was completely in the tank for the Justice Society of America. The cover on this one is pretty nice, albeit cluttered with text. And the Superman figure somehow looks a bit bloated and laconic. But there’s some good drama … Continue reading BHOC: ALL-STAR COMICS #62


Picked up the next issue of ALL-STAR COMICS at the 7-11, quite possibly at the same time that my brother got SUPERMAN #299. This was a no-brainer, as I was already a huge Justice Society fan. The whole affair is very much trying to be more like a Marvel comic, likely the influence of writer/editor Gerry Conway. … Continue reading BHOC: ALL-STAR COMICS #60