Lost Crossovers: SPEED COMICS #23

Reader d9dunn pointed this story out to me some time ago. It's another in that random series of one-off team-ups between the super heroes populating an anthology title in the manner of DC/National Comics' Justice Society of America. None of these team-ups ever really turned into anything greater--somehow, the allure of the Justice Society was … Continue reading Lost Crossovers: SPEED COMICS #23

Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15, Part Two

Today, we're going to take a look at another story from Harvey Comics' TRUE BRIDES' EXPERIENCES #15. Like the earlier one we went over, which you can find at the link below, this one also first saw the light of day several years earlier, in the pages of FIRST ROMANCE MAGAZINE #18. And like the … Continue reading Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15, Part Two

Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15

Ran across another really good example of the way in which the arrival of the Comics Code impacted on the contents of the stories that could see print. The contents of TRUE BRIDES' EXPERIENCES #15 was reprinted in its entirety from FIRST ROMANCE MAGAZINE #18 in 1952 pre-Code. Both were published by Harvey, only three … Continue reading Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15

Brand Echh: The Spirit #1

As we've spoken about before, the super hero fad of the mid-1960s was a juggernaut across popular culture. Reaching its peak during the frenzy surrounding the network premiere of the twice-a-week full color BATMAN television program, this hunger for all things super-heroic compelled publishers to make entries into the field of comic book publishing with … Continue reading Brand Echh: The Spirit #1

Brand Echh: Double-Dare Adventures #1

The backstory here is something that we've covered in the past, but just to summarize events again: in the mid-1960s, the comic book field was seeing a bit of a resurgence. A fad for costumed super heroes had sprung up, exploding to massive life in the wake of the premiere of the live action BATMAN … Continue reading Brand Echh: Double-Dare Adventures #1

Brand Echh: The Double Life of Private Strong #1

For most of the Golden Age of Comics, the partnership of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had been a sales juggernaut. While they had their occasional flops, more often than not the combo was responsible for hit after hit--enough so that their names would sometimes be called on in the advertising, something that typically was … Continue reading Brand Echh: The Double Life of Private Strong #1

Brand Echh – Sick #42

Joe Simon was the editor of SICK magazine, one of the assorted knock-offs of the extremely popular MAD that crowded the newsstands in the late 1950s and 1960s. Simon had largely moved away from his involvement in the comic book field, though around the time this issue was being worked on, he had been drafted … Continue reading Brand Echh – Sick #42

The Short Career of Atoma

The Golden Age of Comics is littered with one-hit wonders, characters who appeared a single time and then vanished into obscurity, only known to those of us who bother to excavate these disposable treasures of yesteryear. Sometimes, some pretty innovative work was done on these stories, which is why it pays to bring them to … Continue reading The Short Career of Atoma

Lee & Kirby & Simon & Ditko & Oleck: The Spider and the Fly

It's one of the big, fundamental questions that lies at the heart of the origin-myth of perhaps Marvel Comics' most popular single character, and its one that has been discussed and debated at length by those with some degree of insider information: how much did Jack Kirby have to do with the development of Spider-Man, … Continue reading Lee & Kirby & Simon & Ditko & Oleck: The Spider and the Fly

Brand Echh – Fighting American #1

We've spoken in the past about Harvey's short-lived attempt to jump on board the super hero bandwagon of the mid-1960s, and how despite hiring industry legend Joe Simon to put together a slew of new titles for them, the work was ultimately underwhelming and swiftly vanished with a scant track. Well, among that short batch … Continue reading Brand Echh – Fighting American #1