It was an unimaginable 41 year ago today, on Christmas day of 1976, that I finally got my hands on this much-desired beauty, a gift from Santa Claus. And actually, having asked for it specifically on the Christmas list that my mother would demand that each child write (usually sourced out of the Sears Christmas … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET ORIGINS OF THE SUPER DC HEROES


BATMAN FAMILY was another new reprint series that DC tried in this period. The first issue contained a new Batgirl and Robin team-up story originally commissioned for the cancelled First Issue Special title. This second issue, by contrast, was 100% reprints, albeit a nice little selection of them. The opening tale was a solid piece … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #2


My Dad brought this one home for me one night. He could always be counted on to pick up a new Treasury Edition if he happened to spot one during his frequent cigarette runs. I wasn’t the hugest Batman fan in the world, but just look at that cover–it is absolutely iconic. I can’t be … Continue reading BHOC: FAMOUS 1st EDITION #F-5


I don’t have a clear memory as to where this issue of SECRET ORIGINS came from. I don’t think I bought it myself, but I don’t clearly recall it being given to me either. Which is not surprising, as i think I traded it away before too long, so it doesn’t loom large in my … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET ORIGINS #7


The siren call of a 100-Page Spectacular was always overwhelming to me. So here’s yet another one, bought at my regular 7-11. Unfortunately, I found it a bit lacking–the vintage Batman stories that were most often getting reprinted didn’t always appeal to me. The all-new lead story is something of a throwback, a tale in … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN #258


Pretty sure that this one came from the 7-11 also, although I have a vague, nagging feeling that I may have sent away for it the same as ACTION #1. Either way, I next came into possession of this reprint of the first appearance of The Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS #27. I think the oversized … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-28

Great Covers – BATMAN #1

Impossible to say for certain who drew this iconic beauty. It’s signed by Bob Kane, and he may have even laid it out. But it’s more likely that assistants and ghosts such as Jerry Robinson and George Roussos had a greater hand in it. Either way, you couldn’t ask for a more classic image to … Continue reading Great Covers – BATMAN #1

Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #33

Here’s another brilliant and beautiful classic cover from the dawning days of super heroes–so much so that the Batman’s utility belt has a pistol holster. As was typical of the period, that huge logo masthead is like a spotlight, drawing in the eye. And the blues of Batman pull your attention right to him, since … Continue reading Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #33

Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #31

For all of their crudity, there’s something very elegant about the covers to many of the earliest comics. Those big, bold, brash title mastheads, the clean design aesthetic. Moves all copied from the pulp magazines, but adapted and copied with more simplicity, as the artists creating them just weren’t as accomplished. This cover to DETECTIVE … Continue reading Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #31