Comics Creators in the Wild 4

Once again, here are a batch of vintage photographs of comic book creators taken in years gone by. We might also call this feature “Stan and friends” since there are proportionately so many more Stan Lee photos from the past than anything else.

Stan Lee in the Marvel offices, publicity photo circa 1980
Stan Lee in the Marvel offices circa 1971
Stan Lee and John Romita in the Marvel offices. Part of the same sequence circa 1971
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at the San Diego comic Convention circa 1988
Jack Kirby at home at his drawing board. Mid-1970s.
A very young Stan Lee at the Timely Comics office in the late 1940s
Len Wein, Don McGregor, Marie Severin and Marv Wolfman, CRAZY Magazine promotional photo, circa 1974
Stan Lee and brother Larry Lieber, circa 1968
Vince Colletta and Stan Lee, 1964
Bob Kane and Joe Shuster (whose name is misspelled) on a promotional tour in 1944
Marie Severin in her office at Marvel, circa 1976
Another shot of Marie Severin from the same roll.
Stan Lee, promotional photo for the cover of Writer’s Digest, 1947.
Stan Lee and John Romita, promotional photo for the Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip circa 1978
Jack and Roz Kirby at a comic book store signing, early 1980s
The Marvel Comics staff of 1983. L-r: Archie Goodwin, Al Milgrom, Denny O’Neil, Larry Hama (blocked by Shooter’s hand), Jim Shooter, Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, Carl Potts. Tom DeFalco is largely blocked by Gruenwald.
Mark and Catherine Gruenwald, early 1990s
Mark Waid in his DC office, late 1980s
Dwayne McDuffie in his office, 1988. I would inherit that desk and space.
Stan, Joan and Joanie Lee, 1950s

One thought on “Comics Creators in the Wild 4

  1. to see pics of marvel con in 1976 when Stan had me go on channel 9 at the last minute as Spiderman

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