After the success of the two-volume X-MEN COMPANION project proved it to be a profitable venture that helped to underwrite some of Fantagraphics other more high-minded publications, the company looked around for similar things that could be done that might likewise bring in some operating capital. By this point, the earlier amicable relationship with Marvel … Continue reading FOCUS ON JOHN BYRNE


I picked up this issue of X-MEN at my regular 7-11, my second issue as a regular reader of the title. And I found it a lot easier to understand and follow than #108's conclusion to the M'Kraan Crystal storyline, with all of its guest-stars and extra characters. Here, I would begin to learn about … Continue reading BHOC: UNCANNY X-MEN #109

Great Covers – ALPHA FLIGHT #6

A very simple and effective ALPHA FLIGHT cover by John Byrne. This is the infamous issue, released during the April Fools-ish “Assistant Editor’s Month”, that contained five blank pages with only word balloons and sound effects, as Snowbird battled the Wendigo in a snowstorm. Legend has it that Byrne not only insisted on being paid … Continue reading Great Covers – ALPHA FLIGHT #6