The very last story printed in CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #1 was the story intended for a third issue of THE GREEN TEAM by Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti. As with the material from the previous issue which we looked at last week, this story also predates the period of the DC Implosion, with its roots back in 1974 when then-Publisher Carmine Infantino had Joe Simon come up with ideas for new titles for the line. The first Green Team story, about a crew of boy millionaires using their insane Richie Rich-style wealth to have bizarre global adventures, had been printed in 1ST ISSUE SPECIAL #2, and the sales on that issue weren’t enough to warrant a follow-up. So these later two stories were shelves and eventually written off at the same time as the other CANCELLEC COMIC CAVALCADE material.

Outside of that, there really isn’t much more to say about this story. It was produced by the same creative team as the last one: Joe Simon wrote it and Jerry Grandenetti and Creig Flessel drew it. As mentioned last time, this story opens completely ignoring the events of the brief two-page preview that was intended for GREEN TEAM #2.


  1. Richie Rich meets the Newsboy Legion?

    Nothing wrong with the creative team, but the story seems…out of step, somehow. Almost golden-agey, with the Eisner-inspired splash pages (nice retro lettering by Charlotte Jetter, by the way).


    1. The title lettering, at least, is by Grandenetti.

      And yeah, it feels Golden-Age-y, which probably has a lot to do with both writer and artist being GA creators and WWII vets, bringing that sensibility to their understanding of 1970s issues.


  2. Did Grandenetti do any art for the 70s/80s B&W humour mags? It looks really familiar (although I could be confusing it with Jack Davis or someone similar). Good stuff, anyways


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