The First Silver Age DC Super Hero

As the 1940s transitioned into the 1950s, the heyday of the typical costumed super hero appeared to be in its twilight. While big marquee characters such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman continued to post sufficient sales to continue in their respective titles, all across the field, other less fortunate crusaders were hanging up their … Continue reading The First Silver Age DC Super Hero


More, more, more of the 1985 AMAZING HEROES Preview Special for 1985, spotlighting and teasing the comic books that will be released in the coing year. These old Preview Specials are a treasure trove of insight as to what creators and editors were thinking about their work in real time. SPECTRUM PRESENTS didn't happen, and … Continue reading AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, S-Z


The excitement was building, at least for myself and my small collection of comic book reading friends, as FANTASTIC FOUR neared its big issue #200. The build-up had been going on for almost a year, and now that inker extraordinaire Joe Sinnott had returned to teh series after missing a couple of issues, everything was … Continue reading BHOC: FANTASTIC FOUR #199

Lost Crossovers: SPEED COMICS #23

Reader d9dunn pointed this story out to me some time ago. It's another in that random series of one-off team-ups between the super heroes populating an anthology title in the manner of DC/National Comics' Justice Society of America. None of these team-ups ever really turned into anything greater--somehow, the allure of the Justice Society was … Continue reading Lost Crossovers: SPEED COMICS #23

Comics in the Wild 17

Can you believe that I still have more old photographs of vintage comics either on sale in their native era or being consumed by the literature-hungry readers of the same period/ And sure, there'll occasionally be a duplicated image--having gathered so many of these from so many different places, that's virtually unavoidable. All right, so … Continue reading Comics in the Wild 17


From a fan engagement point of view, there was probably no more galvanizing comic book at the start of the Silver Age of Comics than JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Fans--particular Dr. Jerry Bails, who pretty much founded super hero fandom with his associate Roy Thomas--had campaigned to get a new, updated version of the Justice … Continue reading WC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #18


Showcasing more of the 1985 AMAZING HEROES Preview Special, which gave a rundown of what to expect in all of the comics slated to be published in the coming year. These issues in particular give an interesting look not only at what was being planned, but some insight into what the individual creators and editors … Continue reading AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, M-S