Comics in the Wild 17

Can you believe that I still have more old photographs of vintage comics either on sale in their native era or being consumed by the literature-hungry readers of the same period/ And sure, there’ll occasionally be a duplicated image–having gathered so many of these from so many different places, that’s virtually unavoidable. All right, so here are more Comics in the Wild for you:

There are still plenty more of these photographs to come!

11 thoughts on “Comics in the Wild 17

  1. There are three photos from London, starting with Forbidden Planet’s first shop at 23 Denmark street. Next is one of a London chain of used bookshops called something like Book Exchange. Weird Fantasy was owned by Frank Dobson, who sublet rooms above it to Dez Skinn who eventually took over the premises, renaming it Quality Comics and publishing Warrior out of the offices above.


  2. Dave Kaler was a buddy of mine in the 1970s. I met him when he was partnered with Bill Morse in a comic shop on Staten Island and later in Greenwich Village. I worked part time there during college.


  3. I wonder what’s the context of the two photos of several young woman reading horror comics in the 1950’s. It’s apparently the same group, but the photos have to be of different days, as they’re wearing different outfits. On the other hand, the comics seem to be the same issues – in both photos, the blond has the same “Witches Tales”, the woman with earrings has the same “Haunt Of Fear”. If it was a posed photo for some reason, why twice on different days? If it was a real club, the same comics on different days makes no sense.


    1. I don’t think they were taken on separate days; in the second photo they’re all in their underwear (though one of them has either put on a different bra or adjusted it quite a bit).

      I’d assume from this that they’re staged photos intended to say something about the corrupting influence of horror comics.

      Incidentally, that’s WITCHES TALES 3 (May ’51), ASTONISHING 4 (June ’51), HAUNT OF FEAR 6 (Mar-Apr ’51) and ADVENTURES INTO TERROR 4 (June ’51), which sets a pretty clear time frame.


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