THE X-MEN COMPANION #1: Chris Claremont Interview

Even by 1982, there was no figure more associated with the growing success of the X-Men than writer Chris Claremont. While Claremont hadn’t come up with the book or any of its characters, he joined the series as its regular writer in very early days, and continued onward for an unbroken 16 year stint in the author’s chair. While different artists brought their own interests and leanings to the series, it was Claremont’s consistent vision that permitted X-MEN to grow and adapt through every subsequent personnel change. And so, as a part of the X-MEN COMPANION two-volume series, Peter Sanderson interviewed Claremont at length, with the first portion of that interview appearing in this first edition.

I’m pretty certain that reading this volume was when I first learned about the on-the-fly changes that had been made to the ending of the Dark Phoenix Saga, and seeing these unused John Byrne penciled pages for the discarded original ending blew the top of my head off.

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