Once again, another look at more of the 1984 Preview issue of AMAZING HEROES, the long-running fanzine from Fantagraphics.

There’s a bunch of stuff talked about in the write-up of the twin NEW TEEN TITANS titles that didn’t quite come to pass in this manner, largely because George Perez left the title to take on CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Some of it eventually rolled around years later.

PAIN never saw publication.

I don’t believe PATHWAYS TO FANTASY ever came out, a casualty of Pacific Comics going under.

ADDITION: Mark Clegg corrects me, in that PATHWAYS did see print evidently.

A bit ironic to see Phil Lasorda of Comico say, “We’ll never drop PRIMER!” given that the book ceased publication this year. Best intentions. Joe Kubert’s THE REDEEMER famously never came out. The same, I believe, is true of RINGWORLD.

Plans for ROCKETEER were a bit optimistic, though three issues of ROCKETEER ADVENTURE MAGAZINE eventually did come out.

A nice bit of in-depth interviewing with Alan Moore right at the start of his time on SWAMP THING. Karen Berger has just come on board to edit the series.

Some relatively early coverage on MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS, at this stage simply called THE SECRET WAR

SENTINELS OF JUSTICE didn’t wind up happening this way after DC bought the rights to the Actin Heroes from Charlton. And at this point, Tom DeFalco and Eliot Brown were slated to write what became NICK FURY VS S.H.I.E.L.D, which took years to be completed. SILHOUETTE never happened.

The color relaunch of SLAUGHTERMAN never wound up appearing.

Jo Duffy talks about her post-RETURN OF THE JEDI plans in STAR WARS.

SUGAR AND SPIKE, sadly, never materialized, though there were a few digests that repurposed material created for international marketplaces.

I think one more installment will wrap up our coverage of this 1984 Preview issue.

4 thoughts on “AMAZING HEROES #39 1984 PREVIEW SPECIAL, N-T

  1. They were going to do a monthly Sugar and Spike comic? And cancelled it? I never knew that! I’m sure it would have gone down really well in 1984, too!


  2. Love these posts! A potential second New Mutants OGN by Claremont ! (I always wondered about that subplot from New Mutants 6 – i conflated it with the Shadow King – who also is hinted at in that issue!). The Alan Moore mini interview is amazing as well (Silver Surfer covered in snot lol).


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