How The Comics Are Made

One of the casualties of the haphazard manner in which I’ve grabbed and kept things over the years is that on a more-than-occasional basis, I’m not sure precisely where I culled it from originally. That’s the case with this cool four-page 1940s vintage behind-the-scenes article on the making of Captain Marvel comics during the Golden Age by Fawcett Publications. But the information contained herein is simply too good not to share with others. So here is is–wherever the hell i got it from.

An original Captain Marvel script by Bill Woolfolk with edits apparent. The story was featured in CAPTAIN MARVEL ADVENTURES #16 according to the notation at the top, which was released in October of 1942–which gives us a broad date for this article.

And a nice vintage phot of C. C. Beck and Bill Fawcett, Jr.

One thought on “How The Comics Are Made

  1. This appeared in SPOT magazine (“The Entertaining Picture Magazine”) in 1942. It was reprinted in FAWCETT COMPANION: THE BEST OF FCA (and thus, likely, in FCA, too), but since the version you’ve got is in color and doesn’t have the FCA bullet at the end, it’s likely the SPOT version.


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