Comics Creators in the Wild 6

You know the drill by this point, right? It’s old pictures of comic book creators from back in the day!

Bob Layton at a convention, 1980s.
Me, Tom Brevoort, and Jack Kirby at a New York convention, 1990. I had only been at Marvel for six months.
A trio of photos of Joe Sinnott from a 1970s-era fanzine
From the same fanzine, early 1970s convention: Marie Severin, Gil Kane, Roy Thomas, Bill Gaines, Sergio Aragones, Len Wein and Neal Adams, among others
Allyn Brodsky in the Marvel offices, circa 1971
John Byrne, George Perez and Ralph Macchio at a convention in 1978
Stan Lee and “Captain Sticky”, 1975
John Romita publicity photos in his Marvel office, circa 1979
Jack Kirby at the Marvel offices, circa 1966
Scott Edelman in the Marvel offices, 1975
Stan Lee in the service, 1944
Stan Lee in the Marvel offices, 1967
Stan Lee in the Marvel offices, 1967
Would you believe Stan Lee in the Marvel Offices, 1967
Sing it with me: Stan Lee in the Marvel offices, 1967
Robert Crumb, 1964
Stan Lee, circa 1976
Marie Severin’s work space, 1971
Stan Lee and Nicholas Hammond on the set of the Amazing Spider-Man television show, circa 1978
Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein in the EC Comics offices, circa 1953

9 thoughts on “Comics Creators in the Wild 6

  1. That’s what Bob Layton looked like when I bought the cover of Iron Man 148 from him for $45. The cover has since been sold for a lot more. Lol


    1. The yellow Stan photo was published in 1966. I think the ones with him in same clothes and toupee are from then, too.


  2. I can often see a bit of a comic book artist’s own face in the faces they draw. That pic of Byrne & Perez is another example.


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