Super-Heroes With Super Problems

As I did last week, here’s another important vintage Marvel-related article which I’m posting in response to all of the conversation concerning Abraham Riesman’s new biography of Stan Lee, TRUE BELIEVER. This piece, which ran in the January 9, 1966 issue of the New York Herald Tribune Sunday magazine devoted to the new comic book revival was a key element in the breakdown of the relationship between editor/scripter Stan Lee and artist/plotter Jack Kirby. I’m afraid the copy I have of this piece is just a hair blurry, unfortunately. That headline, Super-Heroes With Super Problems would be referenced often in relation to promoting the Marvel characters–notably as a pull-quote on the back covers of the 60s Lancer paperback collections of early Marvel stories.

3 thoughts on “Super-Heroes With Super Problems

    1. If any good thing comes out of the recent bio it is that someone finally got the idea of going and speaking to Freedland. I just find it incredible that none of the previous biographers did it before.


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