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A post from my vintage Marvel blog in which I did an audience-participation exercise to try to find ten classic Marvel stories. As I recall, given my rules, this proved to be impossible.

Ten Classics

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Yesterday’s Gripe-Fest went over so well that I want to try something similar, another “audience participation” piece. This one was inspired by reading through some of the responses in the Gripe thread, which showcase an obvious point: it’s virtually impossible to arrive at a consensus from the fans. Each individual likes the things they like, and dislikes the things they don’t like. But getting any larger group of fans to agree on anything other than the largest and most obvious things (“The books cost too much!”) is next to impossible.

So what I want to do next is see if we, as a whole, can generate a list of ten classic Marvel stories in the response thread to this post that we, as a whole, can agree were genuinely good.

The rules are this: each poster can suggest only two stories at any given time. And any poster can object to any suggested story as not being a classic for any reason they’d like. Once a story is objected to, it is stricken from the list–but the person whose suggestion it was can suggest another story for consideration to replace it.

And so on, until we either wind up with a list of ten comic books that nobody objects to being held aloft as genuine classics, or we come as close as we possibly can.

So let’s see how far we can get. What stories do you consider the best-of-the-best that Marvel has produced?

(If we can agree on five without an objection, I’ll be very surprised…)

More later.

Tom B

One thought on “Blah Blah Blog – Ten Classics

  1. Might have been easier or simpler have an “open enrollment period” for people to nominate a set # their favorites.
    Then after the voting deadline, compile a list of the top vote getters. Forget the objections part. Aye carumba.


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