The Last Ghost Rider Story

The Ghost Rider was a popular character in the later days of the Golden Age of Comics. He successfully combined several genres–super hero, western, supernatural–in a single series. It was an outgrowth of another strip entirely, the Calico Kid–at a certain point, Rex Hart (later Rex Fury) abandoned his guise as the Calico Kid in favor of the glow-in-the-dark white garb of the Ghost Rider. Ultimately, the advent of the Comics Code helped to put him out of business, where the supernatural aspect of his stories needed to be brought into line. The final Ghost Rider tale appeared in RED MASK #50 in 1955.

The Grand Comics Database lists Carl Memling as the writer of this story while Dick Ayers provided the art and Ernie Bache some additional inking. Apparently, the Comics Code forced the artist to add the outline of Ghost Rider’s nose and mouth to his face in order to minimize the skull-like appearance of his mask.

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