December, 1996

Another project that had been started previous to my involvement, I pursued the assignment of completing THE ART OF JOHN ROMITA after its original editor was laid off. It’s a splendid summation of John’s decades-long career in the business, with a lengthy interview (conducted before my involvement, but edited by me) and illustrated with dozens of little-seen examples of John’s work, including two complete stories. 

The best part of working on this volume was going through all of John’s in-office archives with him. John was something of a packrat, and he’d saved all sorts of interesting tidbits in various files. The worst part was not being able to include everything in the mere 96 pages we had. (When the book was reworked for publication in Spain, the editors at Planeta added an extra 32 pages of material– pages I sorely would have liked to have been able to include.) And then, there are the bits that John requested we not use, such as the only existing pencils for a never-completed strip he and Stan Lee had been asked to produce for PLAYBOY.

The original plans at the time called for a companion volume devoted to John Buscema, and a similar interview had been completed during the same period. But, so far, it hasn’t been completed.

2014 Note; The John Buscema volume never saw the light of day. But I still have a copy of the lengthy interview conducted for it.

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