June, 1976

SUPERMAN #300 was, to the best of my remembrance, the first anniversary issue I ever purchased. It wasn’t double-sized, it didn’t present “a radical turning point in the life of the Man of Steel.” What it contained was a splendid single-issue story, which was something of a precursor to DC’s current Elseworlds line.

Cary Bates and Elliot S! Maggin teamed up to reveal what might have happened if Superman had arrived on Earth as an infant today (today being 1976, of course), and grew to manhood by the year 2001. In just 20 pages, they laid out a sweeping mini-epic, replete with pathos, whimsy, action, adventure, and commentary on society. (The climactic fight scene takes up a mere two pages, and it doesn’t feel cramped or truncated at all.) They were ably abetted by the art team of Curt Swan and Bob Oksner, whose illustrations were clean, compelling and inviting

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