November, 1973

Probably the second comic book I ever bought (the first was SUPERMAN #268), this 100-Page issue of FLASH had a profound effect. Instantaneously, the Flash became my favorite super hero, propelled by the streamlined imagery of Carmine Infantino, and the deft, friendly scripting of John Broome. It also ignited my love for big, thick, meaty comic books, which would be my format of choice in the coming months. The stories reprinted in this collection were a fine introduction to the Julie Schwartz editorial style of the time, and it was that style, more than anything else, that I fell in love with. Looking back, while I never noticed it at the time, all of the comics I enjoyed the most between 1973-1977 were Schwartz-edited.

This book also made me apparently the world’s only fan of E.E. Hibbard’s artwork on the Golden Age Flash..

2014 NOTE: I today own Jack Adler’s original color guides for this cover.

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