October, 1973

SUPERMAN #268 was the first comic book I ever bought–or, more correctly, the first comic book that was bought for me. We got it at the local 7-11 during one of my father’s periodic cigarette runs. While there, I seemed intrigued by the comic book rack–I’d encountered many of the characters earlier on afternoon cartoons and the like. And so, my dad said I could pick a comic to buy. I can still recall other titles that were on the rack at the same time (JLA #107, with its JLA/JSA/ FREEDOM FIGHTERS crossover was one of them.) But it seems I went the safe route, with the Man of Steel.

In all honesty, it’s not a great comic book. Both the lead story and the FABULOUS WORLD OF KRYPTON back-up are solid enough, but unmemorable. Mark Waid once remarked that it’s astonishing that I got hooked, given when I started, and with what books. 

Nevertheless, I liked it, and its comfortable Julie Schwartz style would form the basis for my ability to appreciate comic books for the next few years. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I embraced just about everything Julie was editing in the period (particularly reprints of his work in the 60s), and was dissatisfied with books edited by other people in some manner which I couldn’t articulate. 

2014 NOTE: I today own the original printer’s proof to this cover.

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