I think I would have bought this issue of ALL-STAR COMICS during the Christmas break–a new issues of ALL-STAR was always a welcome sight, as I was totally in the can for the Justice Society of America. It’s got a pretty basic Wally Wood cover–by this point, Wood was pretty much the whole show on … Continue reading BHOC: ALL-STAR COMICS #65


Now this was a good one–so much so that I’m pretty sure that my brother Ken later bought his own copy of it. This issue of ALL-STAR COMICS made excellent use of the skills and aptitudes of artist Wally Wood with a story that took the Justice Society back to the time of King Arthur, … Continue reading BHOC: ALL-STAR COMICS #64


I must admit that I was disappointed when this next issue of FLASH showed up, folded in half, in my mailbox. And that’s because the previous issue indicated that it was going to be a Giant-sized issue, a format that I loved. Alas, at some point in the intervening sixty days, a change was made, … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #235