5BC: Five Best Comics of 1980

It's perhaps difficult to see from the vantage point of so many years later, but this issue of X-MEN was a game-changer when it came out, and cemented the popularity of the series at the top of the Direct Market sales charts for a decade and a half. Powerful, unexpected, emotional, this comic generated both … Continue reading 5BC: Five Best Comics of 1980

Superhero Merchandise

Before the wide spread availability of comic book retail stores, access to comic book merchandise was very hit-or-miss. While most big stores stocked some things, not every single thing that you might want was readily accessible. Beyond that, you might not even be aware that certain things existed. One operation that closed that gap was … Continue reading Superhero Merchandise


THE SPIRIT #17 Winter, 1977 The first Spirit story I read was the one reprinted in THE GREAT COMIC BOOK HEROES, and frankly, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. But I’d heard more about the character and his mileau in THE COMIC- BOOK BOOK, and thought it sounded intriguing. So when the … Continue reading BHOC: THE SPIRIT #17