When the cover price on comic books went up to 35 cents, this presented certain new challenges for readers. Primary among them was the fact that a dollar would no longer get you three comics--you needed to be packing an extra nickel. I didn't really yet have a ready source of income at this point, … Continue reading BHOC: DEFENDERS #57


This was another book picked up from the Big Bin of Somewhat-Older Comics at my local drugstore. It was in all likelihood purchased by my brother Ken, who had an interest in the Hulk at this time thanks to the television movie. But I wound up with it eventually. I wasn't ever really a big … Continue reading BHOC: INCREDIBLE HULK #191


As I understand things, the Neal Adams image that was used on the cover to this issue of SUPERMAN was sitting around in editor Julie Schwartz’s flat files, an inventory piece or just something that Neal had done to amuse himself. Writer Marty Pasko saw it and wanted to use it on one of his … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #317