Crisis on Captive Earth: DC editors and creators respond

As DC's editorial hierarchy began to develop its ideas for a sequel to the monstrously popular CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, they ran into a number of false starts and blind alleys. One of those never-was attempts was called CRISIS ON CAPTIVE EARTH, and while some minor aspects of it eventually made their way into LEGENDS, … Continue reading Crisis on Captive Earth: DC editors and creators respond

Crisis on Captive Earth

As we've spoken about over the past couple of weeks, given the overwhelming success of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, even before that series had run its course, DC Editorial had been soliciting concepts for a sequel series of the same sort. The development of this project went through a lot of gyrations and reversals of … Continue reading Crisis on Captive Earth

Personal Best: FANTASTIC FOUR #60

As anybody who knows me knows, my favorite Marvel comic book is FANTASTIC FOUR. It was my entranceway into the Marvel Universe in the first place, and it and its characters remained close to my heart. Once I became a full-fledged editor, I made it very clear to people that the next time there was … Continue reading Personal Best: FANTASTIC FOUR #60

Personal Best: SPIDER-BOY #1

This was perhaps the first truly excellent comic book that I put out, a single issue that accomplished its mandate exceptionally well and delivered on teh promise-of-the-premise in fine fashion. It's always going to be a little bit awkward talking about books I worked on in such glowing terms, so please understand that when I … Continue reading Personal Best: SPIDER-BOY #1

Blah Blah Blog – Looking Back At The Good

A post from my old Marvel blog concerning good comics I worked on, in this instance SPIDER-BOY #1 Looking Back on the Good April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Starting off the week with the first of our profile of Good Comics I Had a Hand In, to see … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Looking Back At The Good