Brand Echh: Cobalt Blue #1

The rise of underground comix publishers in the 1960s provided an object lesson to many would-be comics creators of the period. They showed that it was possible to create and distribute comics of your own through alternative means without the need of being allied with a big company like Marvel and DC. While the undergrounds … Continue reading Brand Echh: Cobalt Blue #1

Brand Echh: Justice Machine #1

As we've spoken about in the past, the establishment of the Direct Sales comic book marketplace provided an opportunity for new publishers to enter the field. Initially, the efforts expended in this new arena tended to be attempting to push the boundaries of what comic books could be in different directions, outside of the oversight … Continue reading Brand Echh: Justice Machine #1

Brand Echh: Justice Machine Annual #1

As the Direct Market first established itself as a viable venue in which to sell comic books directly to consumers with mitigated risk, there was a bit of a gold rush from new publishers, all attempting to eke out a slice of the marketplace for themselves. This made it an exciting period in which to … Continue reading Brand Echh: Justice Machine Annual #1